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My role: social media operator 


Karan Ram, came into my MUIN 425: Music Live Production & Promotion class and talked about how he was working on producing the first ever FRDM Fest, a music festival based in Long Beach. The whole concept behind FRDM Fest is to #PartyWithAPurpose. The goal of the first FRDM Fest was to raise $15,000 for Teen Cancer America. I immediately followed up with Karan and asked to be a part of the production team. I ended up being the head social media operator. My job was to curate and schedule all of the Instagram posts from May up until the day of the event. I educated myself on the algorithms of Instagram and Facebook posts in order to achieve optimal engagement. This included research on FRDM Fest's target demographic of college students, the prime times and days to post and which hashtags to use to increase our social reach.  I was constantly browsing the web and acquiring different applications to draw inspiration from and ultimately help grow FRDM Fest's Instagram following leading up to and beyond the event.  


The festival took place on July 2nd, 2016 at a breath taking lake side venue in Long Beach. The sun rays glimmered off the lake, as people pranced and danced in the grass dressed in all the colors of the rainbow. My final task of the job was to do the on-site social media via Instagram Story. I had a lot of fun going around and capturing special moments on camera for the public to indulge in. It reinforced the reason I love event production and the magic that is created through the hard work, long hours and collaboration of so motivated individuals working towards a greater purpose. 


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